Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance

Information for Students
On joining a class, students are asked to complete a short Fitness to Dance questionnaire.  Students are also welcome to talk to me in confidence about any health issues which may affect their ability in class.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict the waist,  e.g. dance pants, leggings or a long, full skirt.  You do not need to expose your tummy.  We dance in bare feet, or soft-soled, ballet-style slippers can be worn.  I have coin belts (and props where appropriate) to borrow, and can advise on where to buy your own costuming when you're ready.

Welcome to Alanya's Bellydance Club!  Pricing policy for weekly Open Level classes:

1) Subscriptions can be paid for either whole terms (up to 15 weeks) or specified blocks (average 5 weeks) of  11/2 hour classes at the preferred venue, payable 1 week in advance by bank transfer, cheque or at class. This encourages commitment and regular attendance from students, and has the advantages of:


        ·        ensuring the sustainability of the class (providing minimum numbers are achieved to cover costs)

          ·        securing your place in the class

           ·        enabling students to progress together, and work towards e.g. a complete piece of choreography, performance, event, etc.


Classes are equivalent to under £4.00 per hour if all classes are attended. Loyalty reward! 1 FREE CLASS per term.  If you book the whole term in advance, you get your discount up front.  If you've booked all three blocks in the term, you get your discount in the last block payment. 


2) £6.00 drop-in available for extra classes at all venues, no booking required.


3) New students can join at any time and either pay for a no-obligation taster class at £6.00, or pay for the remaining classes in the current term or block.  If you continue classes after a taster, you can pay for the remaining classes in the term or block on your return. Subsequent fees will be as 1) above.

4) Returning students who have missed 1 term or more can re-join at any time and pay for the remaining classes in the block on first attendance.  Subsequent fees will be as 1) above.

5) Out-of area visiting students can attend a one-off class for £7.00.


6) In the event that classes are cancelled, class fees will be refunded . Block lengths and fees are as reasonable as possible and this policy aims to ensure sustainability, parity and affordability for all students.


Friends Offer! If you introduce a friend to class, you will each get a discount for the following full block.


As a continuing member of Alanya's Bellydance Club you will get:

  • safe, qualified tuition
  • original choreography
  • performance opportunities
  • music downloads
  • dance notes
  • loyalty rewards
  • quarterly e-newsletter
  • occasional special offers
  • website group membership
  • friendship and fun!

Spring-Summer 2018 Term & Payment dates  Pay per term or per block, 1 week in advance
Term III April-July   LR = Loyalty Reward of ONE FREE CLASS

North: Mondays, 7.30-9.00pm at Monkland Village Hall

No of sessions
Amount £
 Payment due by
Whole term Apr 9-Jul 16
  £72 LR
  Apr 2
 Block 1 Apr 9 - Apr 30*
 Apr 2
 Block 2 May 14 - Jun 11*
 May 7
 Block 3 Jun 18 - Jul 16
 £30/£24 LR
 Jun 11

 *May 7 & 28 optional drop-in classes @ £6.00

East: Tuesdays, 6.30-8.00pm at Studiocrafts, Ledbury

 No of sessions
 Amount £
 Payment due by
Whole term Apr 10 - Jul 17
 £84 LR
 Apr 3
 Block 1 Apr 10 - May 8
 Apr 3
 Block 2 May 15 - Jun 12
 May 8
 Block 3 Jun 19 - Jul 17
£30/£24 LR
 Jun 12

City: Fridays, 10.30am-12.00 noon at Miro Studio, Hereford

 No of sessions
 Amount £
Payment due by
Whole term Apr 13 - Jul 20
  £78 LR
  Apr 6
 Block 1 Apr 13 - May 11
 Apr 6
 Block 2 May 18 - Jun 15
 May 11
 Block 3 Jun 22 - Jul 20 (no class Jun 29)
 £24/£18 LR
 Jun 15

Cash or cheque payable to Alanya Bellydance, or Paypal (Friends & Family) to [email protected].  Contact me to arrange a bank transfer.

Code of Conduct

Alanya aims to provide a supportive and welcoming environment in which students can have fun and improve wellbeing whilst learning sound technique.

 Students are asked to:


  • Act in a respectful manner to the tutor and fellow students
  • Support, encourage and work collaboratively with fellow students
  • Ensure they can see and hear at all times and inform the tutor if not
  • Ask the tutor if something is not understood
  • Inform the tutor of any (new) illness or injury prior to the beginning of each class to ensure that they are being taught safely, or if they are injured or fall ill during a session


Alanya will:

  • Provide a clean and safe environment for dance 
  • Treat students with dignity and respect at all times
  • Inform students of any changes to sessions as soon as possible
  • Ensure that students are informed of other learning opportunities available, e.g. workshops, shows etc.  
  • Continue her own professional development to ensure a high standard of tuition

  Abbie Mason (Alanya) January 2012 

Performance troupe video footage

On occasion friends and family members may video our performances at events, both private and public.  For both recreational and professional dancers it is important that we are happy with any footage that might be published on the internet or other public medium.  We ask film makers to respect this and have agreed the following policy.

  • The film maker to obtain consent from all participants prior to filming
  • All footage e.g. choreographed dances, general dancing, reportage, be seen by participating dancers prior to publishing
  • Approved footage only to be published on my YouTube channel Alanya Bellydance as the sole portal
  • Footage to be removed on request at any time

Links to the channel can be posted as required via e-mail and social networking sites.

We may also be filmed by other audience members at public events, although we could request that event organisers restrict this if desired. 

An added protection is that whilst the copyright of public filming currently rests with the film maker, I hold the copyright to my choreography and my consent is required by anyone filming or publishing it.

Abbie Mason (Alanya) July 2016