Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance


Odalisque Strappy Vest

with hidden support


Small, Medium or Large £10.00 each

                        Canvas bags with Odalisque logo

Small 26cm x 32cm short handles £4.00 each

Large 34cm x 40cm shoulder strap £6.00 each

Personalised bags at no extra cost - your name on the reverse


Alanya Bellydance Photodisks £4.00

01 'Enta El Ghaly' Photodisk 

30 images from Odalisque's performance at Nancy's Mad Hatter Hafla, April 2011.

02 Alanya's Hollywood Hafla Photodisk

30 images from Alanya's Hollywood Hafla, July 2011

03 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman' Photodisk

30 images from Odalisque's performance at the Isis East Meets Wild West Hafla, September 2011

04 AyZee Spring Hafla 2016 Photodisk

180 images from Alanya & Zahara's Spring Hafla, Ledbury 2016

05 'Raqs Leyla' Photodisk

30 images from Gossamer's Masquerade Myths & Legends Hafla, March 2017

To order, please contact me on 07962 161081 or at [email protected] 

'The JWAAD Book of Bellydance' by Josephine Wise

 £19.99 To order, go to

Saris & Silks

All Saints' Church, Hereford

Fabrics, clothes, jewellery & gifts - a bellydancer's heaven!


2018 dates coming soon....



'Bellydancing and Beating the Odds' by the inspirational Yvette Cowles, who sadly passed away on June 1st 2017.  

Yvette inspired a generation of dancers, and achieved amazing things in her life, making us all aware of the precious time we have to celebrate and love what we do.

She will always be dancing in our hearts.