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About Alanya

Alanya (Abbie Mason) comes from a theatrical family and has been dancing since the age of three, training in Classical Ballet (RAD) and Jazz Dance. She has been a student of Bellydance since 2003, 

and a professional tutor since 2009.  

Alanya regularly attends, performs and teaches at national (UK) Bellydance events and recently had the privilege of learning and performing with Yasmina of Cairo in her original theatre production 'Cairo Cocktail'.  To continue her professional development she attends workshops where possible with visiting Egyptian dance legends including Nagwa Fouad, Raqia Hassan and Aida Nour.  

Combining private instruction and ongoing development from dancers such as the internationally renowned Ozgen, UK pioneer Josephine Wise, and the Senior Tutors at the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD*),  Alanya continues to develop her understanding of Belly Dance, including studying with Guy Schalom and the Baladi Blues Ensemble and other musicians.  Ozgen has described Alanya's dancing as "lovely and very elegant".

As well as performing as a soloist, Alanya leads her open level student performance troupe Odalisque,

 and directed her dance company The Sultanate of Women.

Alanya and Lisa Michaela* run '13 Moons Bellydance', a series of workshops, discussions and informal shimmy parties culminating in a Midsummer weekend mini-festival focussing on developing dancers' expression and performance skills (currently online). 

 Alanya has co-hosted an annual Spring Hafla with Zahara (Hilary Benoit) which they aim to resume when possible.

Alanya holds a JWAAD Diploma in Teaching Arabic Dance and is a Level 2 JWAAD Mentor, and also promotes 

Bellydance through various local and national health & wellbeing initiatives.

Alanya is available for tuition and performance, including workshops, parties, weddings, events, 

demonstrations and children's activity parties.  Hip belts and veils can be provided for group participation.  

Contact me on 07962 161081 or use the form below to get in touch.

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                     JWAAD courses are available online - Alanya completed the 'Bellydance Music Explored' course in June 2021

Alanya is....




                                        ... and an uncanny resemblance to Asterix's Cleopatra has been noted!