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Archive 2014

Images of and information about shows, haflas, events, etc. in 2014

Alanya Bellydance presents:

Spirits Bellydance presents:

Spirits Bellydance Show 2014

Saturday 15th November

£I,000 raised in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support!

Images by Harry Faulkner & Carli Porter

Odalisque, 'Misirlou', Oriental Winged Veil

Lin & Alanya, 'Dame Mas', Hot Salsa Bellydance Fusion choreographed by Lisa Michaela

Alanya, 'Dala'a El Helween', Oriental Style

Alanya presents:

The JWAAD Teachers' Association presents:

Teacher Training Day 2014 

Workshops with Elis Pinheiro

  • Power Shimmies
  • Baladi Hips
  • Silk Veil
Discussion Sessions
  • Cairo Today with Kay Taylor
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults with Abbie Mason (Alanya)

The Veiled Sapphires present:

1970s Hafla

Saturday 27th September 2014

Glasbury Village Hall 

From 7.30pm

Dust off your gladrags and find your favourite 70s tunes!

Spirits Bellydance presents:

Midnight at the Oasis Hafla

Saturday 13th September 2014, Hope-under-Dinmore

Bucknell Residents present:

The Bucknell Show 2014
Cardigan Belly Dance presents:

The Cardigan Belly Dance Festival 2014


August 9th & 10th.  Workshops with Alanya:


Saturday August 9th, 11.00am-4.00pm

Pop Up Troupe Day

Learn a dance to perform in the Festival show


 Pop-Up Troupe rehearsal...

...and performance!

"The 'Pop up Troupe' workshop taught by the wonderful Alanya was unique and performing the choreography in the evening was nerve wracking but such fun, especially wearing the matching costumes . What a fantastic day ! I cannot believe that we performed an amazing dance after only 4 hours of learning !"


Assi el Helani's 'Bel Arabi' - Sha'abi 

Sunday August 10th, 2.00-4.00pm 

Effective Arms & Hands

Use your arms and hands to work with your body and movements to add fluidity, drama and expression

to your dancing



Watch the documentary montage video here:

Josephine Wise presents:

JWAAD 24th Summer School

August 1st - 8th 2014

Wellington College, Berkshire

Our fabulous musicians The Baladi Blues Ensemble

 'Art' themed Fancy Dress Party

'Yasmina's New Shaabi' with Sandra & Yvette

'Talakik' Saiidi Stick with Sian & Cheryl from Alanya's Class of '13

Alanya presents:

Summer Workshop with Alanya     Standalone workshops throughout July at Alanya's class venues


An easy-to-follow dance to 'Midnight at the Oasis' to lead guests and dancers at the Isis Hafla on September 13th.

Presteigne: Mon 28th, Ledbury: Tue 29th, Bodenham: Thu 31st

Summer Workshops with Alanya    Standalone workshops throughout July at Alanya's class venues

Presteigne: Mon 21st, Ledbury: Tue 22nd, Bodenham: Thu 24th

Yasmina of Cairo & Farida Dance present:

A new show from Yasmina of Cairo 

Photography by Kay Taylor & Ruth Jane

Summer Workshops with Alanya             Standalone workshops throughout July at Alanya's class venues

Presteigne: Mon 7th,  Ledbury: Tue 8th,  Bodenham: Thu 10th

Tina presents:

Alanya & Lisa Michaela present:


¦ Oriental Style Combinations with Alanya

¦ Make Your Own Cabaret Bra with Alanya

¦ Hot Salsa/Bellydance Fusion Choreography with Lisa

¦ Duet Choreography, 'El Leyla Di' with Lisa & Alanya

¦ Dramatic Stage Make Up with Alanya

¦  Performance Skills Masterclass with Lisa

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network presents:

Spring Performance PlatformSaturday 10th May 2014



Photography: Alan Long

Nancy Nancedance presents:

   The circus is coming to town . . . . 

 Saturday 3rd May 2014, Clifford Community Centre

Alanya, 'Sis Kebap', Esin Engin Orchestra

Odalisque, 'Kasap Havasi', Esin Engin Orchestra

Odalisque at the Hereford River Carnival

Saturday 3rd May 2014, 11.30am,

Castle Green, Hereford

Bellydance Display & Participation Session

The Desert Divas present:

Majma Dance Festival

February 28th - March 2nd 2014


Workshop with Meena Gorgese 


In the Souk with Janet Rose and Clair McGregor

Bellydance Sensation presents:

Choreography Workshop, 'Souk el Banat' with Galit Mersand

Odalisque, 'Ghawazi Dance'

 Alanya, 'Asian Bride'

Photography by Ian Woodward & Angela Ellis

Cardigan Bellydance presents:

Sequins on my Balcony with Yvette Cowles, featuring A History of Bellydance, Theatr Mwldan, February 2014

Representing folkloric Saiidi style:

Backstage with Stephanie:

Hereford Live presents:

Photography by N K Farr