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Archive 2016

Images of and information about shows, haflas, events, etc. in 2016

Leominster Christmas Jubilee presents:

Odalisque Bellydance Display at Winter Fest 2016

Sunday November 27th 2016

Corn Square, Leominster

Odalisque, 'Walk Like an Egyptian' & 'Ice Queen'/'Entrance of the Stars'

Saeedabellydance presents:

Paso Doble Bellydance Fusion Choreography Workshop with Lisa Michaela 

and Hafla

Saturday November 26th, Nailsea

Spirits Bellydance presents:

8th Spirits Bellydance Show

November 19th 2016

Hopelands Hall, Weobley

£735 raised for Open Door

Kat presents:

Screaming Hafla

Saturday 29th October 2016


Alanya, ''Frozen', Madonna, Isis Wings

Images by Harry Faulkner & Ian Woodward, The Hooded Lens (post-production by Alanya)

Odalisque, 'Carry on Screaming!' Ray Pligrim, Jazz fusion

Images by Ian Woodward, The Hooded Lens (post-production by Alanya)

Alanya presents:

Fun, Jazz fusion routine to perform at Kat's Screaming Hafla

Gossamer presents:

Bedouin Nights Hafla

Saturday 10th September 2016


Alanya, 'Dala El Helween', Oriental Magency; Odalisque, 'Lisa', Lebanese Pop & 'El Saber', Reda Troupe Style

Images by Ian Woodward, The Hooded Lens (post-production by Alanya)

JWAAD presents:

26th Summer School 2016

Wellington College, Berkshire

August 20th-26th

Workshops, parties and much more!

Workshops with Alanya at JWAAD Summer School:

Hagalla Troubleshooting

Monday 22nd August 9,00- 10.00 am

Combos for All Occasions

Tuesday, 2.00-4.00 pm

Tesco Belmont presents:

Odalisque at

Rio de Tesco                                                                      August 12th 2016

in aid of Diabetes UK & The British Heart Foundation

Alanya presents:

Odalisque's Pharaonic Phlashmob!

Sunday 24th July 2016

High Town, Hereford

'Ice Queen' and 'Walk Like an Egyptian'

Images by Jeannette Dickinson.  Watch the videos on my YouTube channel here:

Alanya & Lisa Michaela present:

13 Moons Midsummer Bellydance Retreat

'Performance & Pizazz'

June 24th-26th 2016, Storridge nr Gt Malvern

Residential weekend with workshops & informal hafla


  1. What Makes a Good Performance? with Lisa & Alanya – Discussion workshop
  2. Move Over Meryl Streep! with Lisa - Discovering your inner actress for powerful dance performance
  3. Expressive Variations (or, One Dance to the Tune of Another!) with Alanya - Creating character with versatile combinations
  4. Fabulous & Fierce Fusion Choreography with Lisa - Learn a complete piece of original choreography
  5. Hot Tips from Page to Stage with Alanya -  Preparing for performance
  6. Acting in Dance: Windows to the Soul (aka It's not all about that bass!) with Lisa – Effective use of head and eyes
  7. All That Bellydance! with Lisa & Alanya – Fosse Fusion Duet Choreography

See '13 Moons' page for this year's updates.

Hipsynch Bellydance presents:

Hipsynch Summer Hafla 2016

Newport, Saturday 27th May

Watch the video - Alanya performing 'Dala El Halween' (Oriental)

Guy Schalom presents:

Baladi Blues Academy

Dancing with live musicians, Practice Session #2

Saturday 30th April 2016

Haverstock School London

With Guy Schalom (tabla) and Tarek Bitar (oud and singer)

AyZee presents:

AyZee Spring Hafla 2016

Saturday 16th April, Ledbury

Alanya presents:

End-of-term workshop for all to celebrate Spring

Gossamer presents:

Old Tart's Farewell Hafla

March 19th 2016, Hope-under-Dinmore, celebrating Barbara's new adventure in France

Alanya, 'Nebtidi Minin el Hikaya', Baladi; Odalisque; 'Veil Dance', Oriental; The Entire Company, 'Can Can'

Images by Ian Woodward, The Hooded Lens (post-production by Alanya)

Raheesha & The Desert Divas present:

Majma Dance Festival

March 4th-6th 2016, Glastonbury

Guy Schalom presents:

Baladi Blues Academy

Dancing with live musicians, Practice Session #1

Saturday 30th January 2016

Haverstock School, London

With Guy Schalom (tabla) and Magdy Tewfik (accordion)

Health initiatives supported by Alanya

Herefordshire MIND Get Set to Go

Supported activities working through referrals and buddies to help people into physical activity.