Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance

Archive 2011

 Photos from and records of past events

Alanya's Golden Hafla

 Bodenham, December 2011

Alanya, 'Goldeneye', Tina Turner


Odalisque, 'Arab Rapsodi' ('Beledi'), Mezdeke

Surprise Birthday Dance!  Created by Odalisque

Odalisque, '2001: A Space Odyssey'

 Ofira, 'Phaedra Pharonica', Sword Dance








Isis Bellydance Show

**Over £800 raised for the Yeleni Support Centre for

Cancer & Chronic Illness**

Hereford, November 2011

'Ayzeen Yeghayyarook' ('They Want to Change You'), Amr Diab, Baladi choreography by Lisa Michaela







Odalisque, 'Beledi', Mezdeke


Watch the video of The Favourites of the Sultan from the show on the 'Performance Groups' page!

Nancy's Halloween Hafla

Moccas, October 2011

Odalisque, 'The Sensual Chiftitelli', Eddie Kochak


Bellydance Sensation Flower Hafla

Brimfield, October 2011, Photos by Angela Jones

Odalisque, 'Enta El Ghaly'


Improvisation to 'Sultan's Last Stand'


Cane It! Part Two - Funky Saiidi Stick Choreography Workshop with Alanya

Bodenham, September 2011


Isis 'East Meets Wild West' Hafla, Bodenham, September 2011

'Cowboy Casanova', Carrie Underwood

Odalisque, 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman',

Shania Twain


  'Colors of the Wind' (Theme from 'Pocahontas'), Alan Menken 


   Dancers & guests, 'Pocahontas', Ember Doowop


Odalisque at a private party, August 2011

Odalisque at Ross-on-Wye Carnival     August 2011


From the Hereford Journal (Barbara and Linda transposed in the caption!)


   Nozstock – The Hidden Valley      Bellydance Workshop for All

Theatre Tent, Nozstock Festival, Bromyard Herefordshire, July 2011

Bellydance for All Workshop, Theatre Tent, July 2011 

JWAAD 21st Summer School  Level 2 Choreography Workshops with Alanya

July 2011 To perform in the JWAAD Summer School Show

Summer School Show

Alanya's Group, 'Call of the Wild'


Alanya, 'La Azon'



1970s Disco party night silliness!

Alanya's Hollywood Hafla

Bodenham, July 2011

Odalisque, 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (Theme from '2001: A Space Odyssey')

Ilona, 'Orientale'

Angela, 'O Pretty Woman'

Drewkat, 'Elevation' (from 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider')

Miragimar, 'Green Onions' (from 'American Graffiti')  Odalisque, '9 to 5'



Julia, 'Carwash'



Alanya, 'Arabesque' (Theme from 'Lawrence of Arabia')

Jude, 'Feeling Good' (from 'Point of No Return') 

Julia, 'All That Jazz' (from 'Chicago')


Sultanin Ikballer, 'License to Kill'

Display at Merton House Hotel Charity Day, Ross-on-Wye, July 2011

Alanya and Odalisque at Merton House Hotel

Azhara Day of Dance, July 2011

Shrewsbury, in aid of Just Because 

Odalisque, 'Enta El Ghaly' - arty picture by Jude!


  Ayzeen Yeghayyarook , Amr Diab, Baladi

with love and thanks to Lisa Michaela for her gorgeous choreography


Dance Mash

Cultural Olympiad Dance Event, Leominster, July 2011

Odalisque, 'Enta El Ghaly'



Hafla on the Hill hosted by Dunya Bellydance, Highgate, London, June 2011
 'La Azon', Mohammed Fouad, Pop Saiidi
Zina, trad., Oriental




Katherine's Butterfly Hafla

Shifnal, April 2011

Odalisque, 'Call of the Wild', Shani, pop/oriental veil



Nagwa Fouad Tribute, various artists, Oriental style



Nancy's Mad Hatter Hafla, Clifford, April 2011

Odalisque, 'Enta El Ghaly' ('You Are Precious'), Egyptian Style






Bellydance Experience  at Holme Lacy House



 February 26-27 .  April 16-17  . 

Suitable for any age, size and fitness level, this low-impact dance form is expressive and sensual, and above all, fun!

Working with props such as stick and veil, recreate the exotic East with traditional bellydance moves and combinations, building to a short, easy-to-learn routine. 

No dance experience is necessary - tutor Alanya (Abbie Mason) holds a Diploma in Teaching Arabic Dance, provides a safe warm up and cool down at each session, and will get you shimmying!

         Azhara Day of Dance

Broseley, February 2011 in aid of Just Because

'Chie Begam' ('Pendulum'), Andy, Baladi Rock


           The Cabaret Dance Show

Presented by Bellydance Sensations 

February 11th 2011, Shirehall, Hereford

 £495 raised for Children's Hospices UK


'La Azon', Mohammed Fouad, folk/pop


Anjilli's Charleston Party

Rushbury, January 2011 

'Kiss', Tarkan