Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance

Archive 2012

Photos from and records of past events

Guy Shalom's 'Bellydancing and the Blues'

Guy's Radio 4 programme first broadcast at Christmas 2012 included excellent information on the history and instruments of Baladi, and interesting interviews with dancers, dance historians and teachers.

Alanya's End of Term Party

Isis Bellydance Show, The Rose Gardens, Hereford, November 2013

Alanya, 'Aatbak Eih', Jonaton Szer, Baladi



Lin & Alanya, 'Talakik', Hakim - Saiidi Stick

Odalisque, 'The Snake Charmer', Dolly Dawn & Co, Charleston Fusion

Halloween Fun Choreography Workshop with Alanya

Performed at Nancy's Halloween Hafla,

November 3rd 2012

Isis presents:

Rock the Casbah hafla

September 2012

Alanya, Stick Solo

 Odalisque, 'Arabian Sea', Abdul Al Kahabir


Here for the City presents: Hereford Celebration

Bellydance for All Workshop with Alanya

Watch the Shoot Out Film video here:


Alanya Bellydance presents: Workshops with Lisa Michaela

 September 2012, Hereford

Workshops with The Shimmy Star

Female Archetypes in Egyptian Dance

Flamenco Fusion Choreography


Everything Egyptian Bazaar



Dunya Bellydance presents: Hafla on the Hill

August 2012

'Veil Dance', Nor Serount Danse Ensemble, Oriental veil

'Aatbak Eih' ('I Am to Blame'), Jonaton Szer, Modern Baladi

The Music Palace, London

JWAAD presents

Dance with Glamour in the Nagwa Fouad Style with Alanya

JWAAD Summer School Workshop, August 2012

Moves and combinations to make you feel like a star!

Summer School Silliness -

Fantasy Olympians Fancy Dress Party Theme

Generic Ancient Goddess!

Nozstock presents: Bellydance Blitz!Odalisque Performance & Workshop

Kentish Fire's video 'In Our Band' featuring Odalisque -

watch here:

July 2012, Bromyard

2Faced dance presents: GLOW Dance Festival

Odalisque Performance & Workshop with Alanya

June 2012, Hereford

The Presteigne Food Trail, June 2012

Odalisque, 'Arab Rapsodi' (Beledi)


Odalisque, 'Veil Dance'
Bodenham Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, June 2012


Blossomtime, The Big Apple, May 2012, Putley

Odalisque at The Dragon Orchard







Nancy's Spring Hafla, April 2012, Clifford

Odalisque, 'Veil Dance', Nor Serount Dance Ensemble




Odalisque, 'The Snake Charmer', Dolly Dawn & Co, Charleston Fusion

Party on the Path April 2012, Hereford



1980's Themed Party - Phyllis' Birthday, March 2012, Bodenham

Odalisque, 'Walk Like an Egyptian', The Bangles


Alanya, 'Take My Breath Away', Berlin

Hafla on the Hill presented by Dunya Bellydance

February 2012, The Music Palace, London

'Aamel Aeh', Amr Diab

Photography by Gordon C Burns




Odalisque (Lin & Linda) at Atfalouna Fundraising Evening