Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance

!!  Weekly classes are postponed due to current restrictions -
see my Splendid Isolation page for online services
and Coming Up page for in-person & other online events  !!

Classes 2020

Alanya's Bellydance Club

Members' refunds for cancelled classes can be used for monthly in-person workshops and Alanya's 

distance learning  programme of video tutorials & private Facebook group.

6 tutorial packages for £10 

Online catch up for Alanya's Bellydance Club members - see 'Coming Up' page for future events

Testimonials from students:

"The weekly dancing with Abbie has been wonderful..."

"...Abbie ... makes the class fun and exciting. I'm totally hooked on bellydancing now."

"I really enjoy and love the lessons, and Abbie has taught me a lot."

"Thank you for a completely fun, absorbing class."

"Who wouldn't want to bellydance?!"