Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance


Alanya's Bellydance Club

Open Level Classes at Bodenham Parish Hall, Herefordshire HR1 3LB

Shimmy Social

1st Saturday in the month


  Technique, Wellbeing, Combinations building to Choreography 

Class includes a short comfort break


Tea & chat

This class is for you if you (any of these):

  • Wish to improve your flexibility, muscle tone, co-ordination
  • Want to dance with others
  • Enjoy working towards complete choreography
  • Want a regular social occasion with fellow dance friends
  • Wish to perform with Odalisque

Development Class

3rd Saturday in the month


Technique, Drills, Performance Practice, Performance Support

Class includes a 15-minute break

This class is for you if you (any of these):

  • Wish to improve your technique
  • Want to progress more quickly with your technique
  • Wish to perform solo
  • Are happy to support fellow dancers
  • Wish to perform with Odalisque
Alanya’s student performance troupe Odalisque performs at local and regional events
 such as fairs, fetes, demonstrations, community and charity events.  
If you wish to perform as a member you will need to attend both classes. 
Choreography will be taught at the Shimmy Social, and rehearsals will be at the Development Class.  
Supplementary online practise videos will also be available.
Term Dates & Membership Fees 2021-22
 TERM II Spring 2022
Shimmy Social
 Feb 5th, Mar 5th, Apr 2nd
 Development Class
 Jan 15th, Feb 19th, Mar 19th
 TERM III Summer 2022
 Shimmy Social
 May 7th, Jun 4th, July 2nd
 Development Class
 May 21st, Jun 18th, Jul 16th
Spread the cost - annual standing order for both classes
 £18.50 per month (includes admin fee)

For full Terms & Conditions, including Loyalty Rewards, see my 'Information for Students' page

Visiting Tutor Workshops

Alanya will invite other tutors on an occasional basis to offer one-off workshops 

to give students the opportunity to learn different styles and techniques and broaden their knowledge.  

These will be open to all, but Alanya's Bellydance Club members will get priority discounted places. 

Testimonials from students:

"The dancing with Alanya has been wonderful..."

"Alanya's classes provide a workout which targets all body areas including posture and control, and exercise that also makes you think (especially if you have no dancing experience) is a bonus! You can dress up and meet lovely people who are kind and supportive, and the dance events are FUN.  You get to listen to different and interesting music and the class is relaxed, informal and welcoming as well as being rigorous and well taught with ample room for progression and development."

"...Alanya ... makes the class fun and exciting. I'm totally hooked on bellydancing now."

"I really enjoy and love the lessons, and Alanya has taught me a lot."

" Alanya is always positive, gives us lots of praise and brings out the best in all of us. Her gentle teaching makes it easy to learn, her choreography is always brilliant and the music is wonderful – makes you want to get up and dance! The pace and repetition of moves make what at first seems complex, easy to learn and get right.  The classes are fun and the people who attend her classes are friendly and supportive.  Alanya's classes and style of dancing are suitable for all, whatever your shape, fitness and ability. Come along and enjoy!" 

"Thank you for a completely fun, absorbing class."

"Who wouldn't want to bellydance?!"

“Alanya's classes are warm, friendly & seriously good fun. I've made lifelong friends & found a confidence I didn't know I had.  Trust me bellydancing really can change your life, it did mine, so give it a go, message Alanya today & start a new chapter.”