Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance

Information for Students

On joining a class, new students are asked to complete a short Fitness to Dance questionnaire.  Students are also welcome to talk to me in confidence about any health issues which may affect their ability in class.  Private or small group sessions may be arranged where a class environment might be unsuitable (see 'Activities' page).

Shimmy Central   Open Level classes 

Classes are held on the 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month at Bodenham Parish Hall, Herefordshire HR1 3LB 


£13.00 per class 

As a student of Alanya Bellydance you will get:

- safe, qualified tuition

  • - original choreography
  • - friendship and fun!

Plus all these benefits included in your class fees:
  • - music downloads
  • - dance notes
    • - quarterly e-newsletter
  • - supplementary video tutorials
  • - access to website Members' area
  • - Facebook group membership offer

* See 'Classes' page for the 2023 timetable & exceptions.   Students will be informed at the earliest opportunity of any changes.

Terms & Conditions

1. Classes are pay-as-you-go - please book your place with payment by 5.00pm on the previous Wednesday via PayPal (Personal/Friends & Family) or Bank Transfer. 

2. If you need to cancel, you can carry any paid booking over provided you inform me by 5.00pm on the previous Wednesday;  please note that after this time I am unable to refund or carry over payments for non-attendance of booked or re-booked classes.   

3. In the event that classes are cancelled, your fee will be carried over to your next booking.  Please confirm your next class booking via e-mail, 'phone or text by 5.00pm on the previous Wednesday.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict the waist,  e.g. dance pants, leggings or a long, full skirt.  You do not need to expose your tummy.  We dance in bare feet, or soft-soled, ballet-style slippers can be worn.  I have coin belts (and props where appropriate) to borrow, and can advise on where to buy your own costuming when you're ready (and see Links page).

Code of Conduct

Alanya aims to provide a supportive and welcoming environment in which students can have fun and improve wellbeing whilst learning sound technique.

 Students are asked to:


  • Act in a respectful manner to the tutor and fellow students
  • Support, encourage and work collaboratively with fellow students
  • Ensure they can see and hear at all times and inform the tutor if not
  • Ask the tutor if something is not understood
  • Inform the tutor of any (new) illness or injury prior to the beginning of each class to ensure that they are being taught safely, or if they are injured or fall ill during a session


Alanya will:

  • Provide a clean and safe environment for dance 
  • Treat students with dignity and respect at all times
  • Inform students of any changes to sessions as soon as possible
  • Ensure that students are informed of other learning opportunities available, e.g. workshops, shows etc.  
  • Continue her own professional development to ensure a high standard of tuition  

Covid Safety

  • Spacious venue with good ventilation
  • Hand sanitiser available on entry/exit
  • Cleaning regime before and after class
  • Regular testing of tutor
  • Please do not attend if you have any Covid 19 symptoms

      See 'Classes' page for class and event dates in 2023

      General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

      The information you give me on joining my classes is kept securely (a locked cabinet for paper, and password-protected file for electronic records) and is not shared with any third party.

      Your records are kept for a minimum of three years for insurance purposes. 

      You can unsubscribe at any time from receiving notices about Alanya Bellydance.   If you unsubscribe and your records are more than three years old they will be destroyed/deleted. 

      Please ask if you have any questions regarding my protection and use of your data.