Alanya Bellydance

Every Body Has the Right to Dance


"Anyone whose heart is big, warm

and happy can dance"

  -  Gene Kelly, Anchors Aweigh

  All the Cleos! ...                    

Theda Bara

Claudette Colbert

Vivien Leigh

Elizabeth Taylor

 Amanda Barrie

All the dancers! ... 

 Lisa Michaela - The Shimmy Star

Nagwa Fouad


Ann Miller

Tahia Carioca and Folkloric Dancers


Flick Colby's (1946-2011 RIP) Pan's People

"The one important thing I have learned is the difference between taking one's work seriously and taking one's self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous." - Margot Fonteyn

... and all the cultural icons!


Orion Slave Girl - Susan Oliver

Babooshka - Kate Bush

 Emma Peel - Diana Rigg

...and my wonderful dance teachers Mary Kipps (RAD Ballet), Lindsay Darvell and Sarah Wilkin (Jazz Dance) and Lisa Michaela (Bellydance), whose talent, tuition and influence continue to inspire and encourage me - Thank You!