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Recent Events 2018                                              Info & images from haflas, workshops, etc.

Guy Schalom presents:

London Live - Legends

Sep 14-16 2018

Workshops & Show

Alanya presents:


AyZee presents:

Alanya presents:

Routine Recap! Summer Workshops with Alanya

Buleria, Lisa, Ice Queen, Ya Mnaama, Ghawazi Dance, Raqs Leyla, Wherever, Whenever

at weekly class venues & times

Alanya & Lisa Michaela present:

13 Moons Midsummer Bellydance Retreat

June 29th-July 1st 2018

See '13Moons' page for details & images of this year's event

Penny Bellydancer presents:

Summer Hafla in aid of the Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Odalisque, 'Whenever, Wherever' (Sahara Mix), Saiidi Pop Fusion & Alanya, 'Raqs Al Masriya', Oriental Majency

Guest speaker at the Marden WI, June 14th 2018

*Bellydance demonstration

*History & Culture presentation including Q&A

*Participation session

Broadening my dance knowledge with Natalie Lowe's Ballroom Technique and FitSteps Dance Masterclass in Hereford, June 2018 - Tango, Waltz, Quickstep, American Smooth - huge fun!

The whole gang!

Alanya presents:

Spring Workshop with Alanya

Monday 28th May 2018

Monkland Village Hall

AyZee presents:

Alanya & Zahara's third Spring Hafla showcasing local dancers and groups, and bringing people together for an evening of dance, shopping and partying! 

Bazaar provided by the fabulous Zara's Zouk

AyZee, 'Sahara' by The Temperance Seven, Charleston Fusion

Odalisque, 'Whenever, Wherever (Sahara Mix)' by Shakira, Saiidi Pop Fusion

Images by Henry Faulkner (post-production by Alanya).

Guest speaker at the Little Hereford WI, May 10th 2018

* Bellydance demonstration

* History & Culture presentation including Q&A

* Participation session

Fabulous ladies at the Little Hereford WI

Gossamer presents:

Murder on the Dancefloor Hafla

Saturday 24th March 2018



'Whenever, Wherever', Shakira, Saiidi Pop Fusion

The Favourites of the Sultan, 'License to Kill', Gladys Knight & The Pips, Pop Fusion

Images by Angela Ellis (post-production by Alanya)

Guy Schalom presents:

Baladi Workshops with Angelina

AyZee presents:

Malvern Guides present:

Diamond Dance Day

Bellydance Workshop with Alanya

Sunday January 21st 2018, 1.30pm

Alanya presents:

Two complete pieces of original choreography exploring 

Bellydance fusion styles

Hope-under-Dinmore Village Hall