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Every Body Has the Right to Dance

Splendid Isolation

Alanya's online distance learning programme:

NEW online tutorials starting Thursday 16th April 2020:

Weekly packages including a minimum of 2 technique/drill tutorials and a short dance combination. 

Fun sessions for beginners and experienced dancers alike, the technique tutorials will build up to include Percussive, Fluid and Travelling moves, Arms & Hands, and Veil work. 

YouTube video links will be sent to you via private e-mail - these are not available on a public platform. 

Individual e-mail support is also available.

Packages cost £2.00. You can pay each week, drop in, or purchase 6 for £10.00. 

Payment via PayPal to (Friends & family) by 10.00pm on the previous Wednesday.

Please use the contact form below with any enquiries, thank you.