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Workshops & Courses

General/Technique Workshops

Suitable for any level unless otherwise stated



Introduction to Sagat

Rhythms and combinations to get you started in the art of playing the finger cymbals


Some bellydance experience required, but students new to veil welcome

Choreography Workshops

Learn a complete routine.  Suitable for those with some dance experience.





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The Origins of Bellydance with Alanya (6 week course)

This specially-designed course introduces students to a range of Bellydance styles, giving context to particular moves and moods of this expressive dance form, and exploring working with props.  

#1 The Court and The Street: Awalim & Ghawazi

Dance forms from the Ottoman Court & the Streets of Cairo

#2 Sagat (finger cymbals)

Rhythms & Combinations

#3 The Temple and The Country: Reclaiming the tradition through Pharaonic and Reda styles

C20th interpretations of Ancient Egyptian dancing & rural folk dances

#4 Assaye (stick)

Saiidi & Cabaret styles

#5 The Home and The Club: Private & public dance forms

Baladi & Cabaret moves & combinations

#6 Veil

From teaching aid to performance prop

Please contact me via the form below if you would like me to deliver this course.  Costs will depend on numbers and venue availability.